Through Hole PCB Assembly

Conventional Through Hole PCB Assembly Services from SUBTEC

One of our core services is in providing a diverse range of conventional through hole PCB assembly and related products.

Ideally suited to assemblies where space does not matter and robust circuitry is more important, we have an experienced team of experts on hand to deliver the highest standards of through hole PCB assembly services.

We are always looking to go that extra mile in working closely with you to ensure all your quality needs are met.


  • Quick turnaround – helping you to meet your objectives on time, even at short notice.
  • Any quantity – ensuring your work is carried out in-house by our team without the need to outsource.
  • Stock-holding for scheduled orders – giving you the re-assurance that your needs will be met on demand.
  • Hand or wave soldering – we can give the same high quality end result using either technique.

Through Hole PCB Assembly Capabilities

Our scope of through hole PCB assembly services range from partial circuit board assembly and prototyping to full product assembly and testing.

With use of the latest technology such as our laser guided Mascot assembly stations, we can offer a precise and reliable assembly which is computer assisted to help massively reduced assembly time.

Lead Cutting

Automatic lead cutting is carried out using a Cropmatic machine for uniformed leg lengths, ensuring precision and consistency to provide a high quality finish.

Wave Soldering

SUBTEC uses a Blundell CMS400 wave solder machine with an 18” wave, finger conveyor and spray-fluxer which enables the use of no-clean flux and a lead free process – producing a very clean finish with no residues.

Through Hole PCB Assembly using Blundell CMS400 wave solder machine

Blundell CMS400 wave solder machine

Meeting Demand

From our base near Stockport, in Cheshire, we have purpose built facilities to meet any sized order, from a supply of one-off boards to high volume scheduled orders with a UK delivery service available.

Need a Quote?

If you would like a quote for our through hole PCB Assembly services then call now on 0845 330 1284 or email us   Enquire Here


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